Season 7

Episode 7.3 — Gibron Jones HOSCO Foods | Uplifting Community Health and Wealth with Urban Farming

Gibron Jones HOSCO Foods Banner

HOSCO features hydroponics (growing plants in water), aeroponics (growing plants in the air) and aquaponics (hydroponic plants supplied with nutrients from fish waste) systems. He aims to provide co-operative members with complete farming skill sets that will enable them to work in a variety of food-related fields, with the eventual goal of owning their own co-operative business.

Episode 7.1 — Antionette Carroll | Creative Reaction Lab | Design For Health and Racial Equity

Antionette Carroll | Creative Reaction Lab

Joining us today is Antionette D. Carroll, Founder and CEO of Creative Reaction Lab. Creative Reaction Lab is a nonprofit social enterprise designing healthy and racially equitable communities for Black and Latinx populations through education and training programs, community engagement consulting, an online national platform, and open-source resources.