ETHINKSTL-EP212-SEASON16 EP10 – Nadia Shakoor

Joining us today is Dr. Nadia Shakoor, Founder and CEO of Agrela Ecosystems, an agtech start-up focused on delivering research quality data collection products and services in an effort to accelerate breeding cycle time within agricultural communities. Nadia is a crop phenotyping expert and co-inventor of the PheNode and is speaking with us today to help us better understand the world of agriculture.

In this episode:

Nadia talks about what sparked her interest in the field of biology and agriculture. Nadia says that entrepreneurial thinking to her means, “actively working on solutions to difficult problems that I am to help leave the world a better place, then we found it and the world of ag-tech helps her to achieve that goal.”

Nadia talks about St. Louis’ very own Danforth Plant Sciences Center and what attracted her to this state of the art research institute.

Nadia says that she self identifies as an Inventor, an Entrepreneur, a CEO and Founder, but says that her passion is trying to develop crops that are healthier and better and improving on current crop technologies.

Nadia explains what it means to take discoveries out of a lab and then build a company around them. She says that it takes a lot of hard work and determination to shift gears from developing your product to then selling your product.

Nadia talks about what she has learned as a wearer of many hats. She shares with us some valuable advice and says she recommends just sticking with your passions and staying focused on the long term goals.

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ETHINKSTL-EP212-SEASON16 EP10 – Nadia Shakoor