ETHINKSTL-EP212-SEASON16 EP09 – Valerie Liddell

Joining us today is Valerie Liddell, Founder and CEO of Grind + Growth, a non-profit co-working space that empowers, educates, and inspires people in underserved communities throughout the St. Louis and Illinois region. Through trial and error, Valerie gained a wealth of knowledge and skills, which inspired her to help other aspiring entrepreneurs like herself.

In this episode:

Valerie explains that she got her entrepreneurial drive, professional commitment and worth ethic from her Grandfather and her Father. While growing up and being provided with the things she needed and not provided with the ‘wants’ of a child, she found the drive to allow her as a grown up and entrepreneur to be able to purchase the things she not only needed but that she wanted as well.

Valerie says that entrepreneurial thinking to her means being able to take a risk and not getting discouraged when obstacles pop up. Valerie talks about being a serial entrepreneur and the inner joy it brings her on a daily basis.

Valerie tells us how Grind + Growth came to be and how she overcame the challenges she faced when acquiring capital. Valerie says she turned the obstacle in front of her into a treasure hunt and through research, the use of resources available to her and her drive until eventually, she found her treasure – aka CAPITAL.

She explains that Grind + Growth can be of service to non-profits as well as for-profit organizations such as healthcare agencies, restaurant owners and a variety of other business development agencies. Prospective members can also learn more about day passes and annual memberships.

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ETHINKSTL-EP212-SEASON16 EP09 – Valerie Liddell