ETHINKSTL-EP211-SEASON16 EP08 – Elise Miller Hoffman

Joining us today is Elise Miller Hoffman, General partner at Cultivation Capital, a Venture Capital Firm that manages a family of funds focused on early-stage investing. Elise is active in St. Louis’ entrepreneurial ecosystem and invests in promising digital health and life sciences start-ups. In addition, Elise was named as a St. Louis Business Journal “30 under 30” awardee in 2018.

In this episode:

Elise talks about growing up in Texas and what brought her to St. Louis. Elise says that entrepreneurial thinking to her means envisioning what a better world could look like and using your unique talents and relentless drive to make your vision happen.

Elise shares with us her adventures and what led her to the Venture Capital field and she says that she was very drawn in by St. Louis’ entrepreneurial ecosystem. Elise says that she was able to find the right fit for her amongst many different business options by playing an internship role on all playing fields.

Elise describes her experiences with the different ranks she held once entering the Venture Capital game. Elise talks negotiating, board representation, strategic counseling, sales process and analytics.

Elise discusses how Cultivation Capital fits into our ecosystem. She explains that there are many different investment focuses such as software and IT, Ag Tech and early stage company formations.

Elise gives some advice to women and minorities who are thinking about getting into a male dominated Venture Capital industry. Elise also tells us what is on the horizon for her and her Cultivation Capital team. Elise states that the pandemic has sifted her focus and thinking towards effectively battling and conquering the challenges we currently face during Covid.

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ETHINKSTL-EP211-SEASON16 EP08 – Elise Miller Hoffman