ETHINKSTL-EP210-SEASON 16 EP07 – Ron Story

Joining us today is Ron Story, Jr., Serial entrepreneur and Founder of PitchDB, a search engine for speaking engagements that saves hours of digging for leads and contacts in just a few clicks. Over the past 20 years, Ron has been instrumental in the creation, development and leadership of over 30 companies with a potential market value of over 200 million.

In this episode:

Ron explains that while he was born and raised in East St. Louis he took some advice and decided to go where he would be treated best, so with that he took the advice and some research and moved to Medellin, Columbia. Ron says he is a starter and a fixer at heart and says that entrepreneurial thinking to him means finding a problem and fixing that problem.

Ron talks about being an international entrepreneur and why he chose to make Medellin his permanent business home.

Ron shares a warm and fuzzy story about employee development and talks about hiring employees that you can trust. Ron explains his take on business development and says that he is fond of the ‘buying a business plan’ as opposed to the ‘building a business plan’.

Ron shares with us his experience with being an author of a book titled “The First 100 Miles”.

Ron says that your brain is just as valuable as your body, so feed your brain with knowledge and do the things you love to do in life.

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ETHINKSTL-EP210-SEASON 16 EP07 – Ron Story