ETHINKSTL-EP209-SEASON 16 EP06 – Bob Miller

Joining us today is Bob Miller, CEO and Founder of Melio, a company that offers products that harness the power of the sun, all while upcycling plastic bottles for a more sustainable future. Bob followed his passion of design and environment by creating a solar charging back-pack and says he envisions Melio as a lifestyle brand. 

In this episode:

Bob says growing up in a small business environment may have played a role in his desire to become an entrepreneur. Bob also says that entrepreneurial thinking to him means opening your eyes to new opportunities to be able to grow and develop into that individual that you want to be or the organization that you want to have.

Bob explains that as a small business owner of a lifestyle brand, he hopes to persuade consumers to think about and to make a conscious effort to learn about the companies that they are buying from. 

Bob tells us how he discovered, marketed and developed Melio and also talks about where the business name Melio derived from. 

Bob talks about Melios’ flagship product called JUICE, a solar powered backpack designed to appeal to outdoor enthusiasts and consumers that are on the go.

Bob speaks about the changes in his marketing plan that had to be made in the face of Covid. Bob says that while Covid added some challenges to the marketing of the product, it also helped due to the fact that consumers are participating in more outdoor themed activities. 

Bob shares with us some of the things he has learned on his journey to entrepreneurship. 

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ETHINKSTL-EP209-SEASON 16 EP06 – Bob Miller