ETHINKSTL-EP208-SEASON 16 EP05 – Whitney McClendon

Joining us today is Whitney McClendon-Gregory, CEO and Founder of, a local company that is reinventing how drivers request roadside services. Whitney is ambitious and dedicated to providing an open marketplace platform and has pledged to build a service where her customers can choose a suitable price option for their needs.

In this episode:

Whitney explains that roadside assistance and businesses of the like, have always been in her blood by way of family entrepreneurs. Whitney says that entrepreneurial thinking to her means having the ability to see differently than the rest of the world and having the inherent trait to make it easier to develop items and innovation.

Whitney talks about how the Eemerg app was developed and how it works. Whitney talks about the importance to her of providing a fair marketplace to consumers and says that before Eemerg there really wasn’t a fair marketplace.

Whitney talks about building a phenomenal customer acquisition strategy. Whitney says she used connections from her family and says attending tow conventions helped her build her company’s provider database.

Whitney tells us about making the shift from an LLC to a Corporation AND all of the different programs she utilized while working on developing She explains that she used Square1, Arch Grants and WEPOWER and talks about the different inputs she received from each program.

Whitney shares with us what she has learned on her entrepreneurial journey and gives us some advice to share with

our listeners.

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ETHINKSTL-EP208-SEASON 16 EP05 – Whitney McClendon