ETHINKSTL-EP192-SEASON 15 EP02 – Fatimah Muhammad

Joining us today is Fatimah Muhammad, Managing Director of Apiary @ The Park, a co-working and co-living space located in the Hyde Park neighborhood of St. Louis. Fatimah has had a passion for building communities and self-sufficiency most of her life and continues listening to the community and delivering on her promises, the needs of so many. 

In this episode:

Fatimah shares with us her many business experiences she has ventured on including one that took her to Africa and the inspiring journeys that followed. Fatimah says that entrepreneurially thinking to her means to follow your path, looking inward for your purpose, listening to yourself, trusting yourself, and to be a problem solver. 

Fatimah tells us about her love for the community and building a stronger support system within that community. It was this passion that led her into her most recent venture Apiary @ The Park and what she calls the ‘Queen-Bee Hive’.

Fatimah explains the importance of getting organized and getting to know the people in the community. She says with the help of other concerned residents, she started a neighborhood Association. Upon forming the association, and listening to the people, Fatimah came to the conclusion that the neighborhood needed a space that would speak to the culture of black and brown entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small businesses. 

Fatimah discusses affirmations and supportive feedback she has received. Fatimah says she is following her lifes’ purpose and feels inspired by the outpouring of love. 

Fatimah talks about how the build and design is coming along and discusses Covid-19 prep and gives advice to others looking to be engaged with the community. 

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ETHINKSTL-EP192-SEASON 15 EP02 – Fatimah Muhammad