ETHINKSTL-EP188-SEASON 14 EP11 – Patrice Johnson

Joining us today is Patrice Johnson, Owner of Patrice J. Bridal, St. Louis’ first black-owned bridal retailer. Patrice has over 15 years of sewing experience and creating classic and timeless dresses for weddings, special occasions, and prom for women of all sizes and curves. Patrice says, “Fit is Key” and loves pattern making, drafting, draping, and making even the most curvaceous women feel great on their special day. 

In this episode:

Patrice explains that hurricane Katrina forced her out of New Orleans and straight to St. Louis, Missouri. Patrice states that She learned at an early age how to sew and has always had an eye for fashion. Patrice says that entrepreneurially thinking to her means being able to design the life of your dreams.

Patrice talks about forming a relationship with her bridal clients that she works with and the importance of those relationships in order to keep your business performing at its best.

Patrice tells us how she conceived the bridal shop concept, built the business and how she conceived her product line.

Patrice discusses bridal trends. She explains that COVID has really put a limit on event planning and explains what a micro-wedding is. Patrice talks about making right for her clients that had put deposits down on prom dresses and wedding dresses once COVID took over. 

Patrice tells us about a new business venture she is starting which consists of a sewing academy that will train future bridal designers. Patrice reflects on being a serial entrepreneur and gives advice such as never quitting and always learning from your mistakes.

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ETHINKSTL-EP188-SEASON 14 EP11 – Patrice Johnson