ETHINKSTL-EP184-SEASON 14 EP07 – Johnnica Bolden

Joining us today is Johnnica Bolden, Owner of J Star Construction and COO of iJustOrder. Johnnica comes from a family of entrepreneurs, her Grandfather being her driving force. While helping her Grandfather, Johnnica learned everything from filing papers to learn how to process payroll and billing to bidding on contracts. With this vast experience and a love for the business, Johnnica knew that being an entrepreneur herself was a must!

In this episode:

Johnnica fills us in on her family entrepreneurship background and how she got her start as a business owner. Johnnica says that entrepreneurially thinking to her means thinking differently from the rest of the world and making your vision come to reality even if it means taking risks. 

Johnnica tells us about her role as the owner of J Star Construction and how that came to be. She also discusses how she runs the North County, St. Louis business from Dallas, Texas. 

Johnnica tells us about her newest business venture which is an app called ijustorder. She explains that iJustOrder is an app on your phone that allows spectators at arena or stadium events to order food or merchandise without ever having to leave their seats. 

Johnnica shares with us her reflections on being an entrepreneur and how she has taken on her numerous roles. She explains that the tech business is much faster paced than the construction business and the challenges she faces while trying to keep up with her counterpart. 

Johnnica discusses how iJustOrder is working on developing a COVID-proof version of the app that ensures all state-mandated safety regulations are followed and that their employees stay safe as well. 

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ETHINKSTL-EP184-SEASON 14 EP07 – Johnnica Bolden