ETHINKSTL-EP183-SEASON 14 EP06 – Zach McGee – Black Brew Tea

Joining us today is Zach McGee, Founder, and CEO of Black Brew Tea, a specialty tea company that blends tisanes and teas to make great tasting herbal products. Zach comes from a long line of entrepreneurs and believes “you are what you drink”. Zach was inspired to develop a bottled beverage as a way to set black brew tea apart in the market. 

In this episode:

Zach explains how Black Brew Tea came to be and talks ‘Tea Community’ jargon. Once a hobby to Zach, Tea Blends, and the science behind it came naturally to Zach so friends convinced him to make his blends available in the retail market. Zach says entrepreneurially thinking to him means putting the right things into your body and putting positive vibes out into the world. 

Zach discusses some future business projects and fills us in on where Black Brew Teas are available locally. Zach tells us about a product of his that helps with viruses that can brew in your lungs. 

Zach tells us how his process of creating and making Black Brew Teas happen. As a seasoned Herbalist, Zach has educated himself on 72 herbs, all of which contain healing properties. Black Brew Tea currently offers 22 teas and ‘herbal palmers’ in flavors such as Honey-Pot, Beehive, Hibiscus Healer, and Vibe Drink.

Zach says that St. Louis has given Black Brew Tea a lot of love and support. He explains that sometimes as an entrepreneur you can get caught up in your own mind and hearing how much consumers love his product helps move him out of his head and able to move forward. 

Zach tells us where Black Brew Tea is made and packaged and explains the challenges he sometimes faces with delayed order fulfillment due to delays in shipping especially now with COVID. 

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ETHINKSTL-EP183-SEASON 14 EP06 – Zach McGee – Black Brew Tea