ETHINKSTL-EP179-SEASON 14 EP02 – Reshaunda Thorton – Better Vessel

Joining us today is Reshaunda Thornton, Founder of Better Vessel Nutrition. Reshaunda is a competent dietician and nutrition expert, a TedX and wellness speaker, consultant and author. Reshaunda prides herself on building a bridge between the desire to live healthy and to feel confident in one breathe as she aligns the connection of nutrition to life, where they can live together and be a better representation of self and purpose.

In this episode:

Reshaunda tells us about moving to St. Louis from Houston, Texas twelve years ago to attend St. Louis University in their graduate program. Upon completing her studies in dietetics, Reshaunda realized she wanted to help people live healthier lives and says entrepreneurially thinking to her means recognizing you’ve got one life to live and how important it is to decide how to live that life.

Reshaunda enlightens us on the difference between a dietician and a nutritionist. She says that both are great, however, a nutritionist is food-focused practice and does not require a regulatory degree and a dietician is a regulated healthcare professional with a license to access, diagnose and treat nutritional problems. Reshaunda says her private practice allows her to help people meet halfway with their nutrition so they can learn a different way to interact with food and how to change perspective on living healthier and living a happier life as well.

Reshaunda talks about how she manifests change as an entrepreneur. She says that in having her private practice and working with clients, she has recognized the things she has learned from them and is taking that and then turning around and helping even more people. This led her to authoring a book titled ‘Play to Win the Food Fight’.

Reshaunda says she loves to follow her passion of nutrition and helping others find happiness. She tells us about her podcast and live speaking engagements including her TedX Talk. As an entrepreneur, Reshaunda is always looking for new ideas to expand her business

and says she is looking forward to starting workshops on a corporate level.

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ETHINKSTL-EP179-SEASON 14 EP02 – Reshaunda Thorton – Better Vessel