ETHINKSTL-EP177-SEASON 13 EP13 – Dasha Kennedy – The Broke Black Girl

Joining us today is Dasha Kennedy, Founder of The Broke Black Girl. Dasha is a millennial Financial Coach whose ‘real talk’ coaching and strategies are helping women of color to get ahead. Dasha has more than a decade of experience working as an accountant and default counselor. She prides herself on leading women through decisions around different aspects of financial well being.

In this episode:

Dasha tells us about growing up in St. Louis and attending Lindenwood University. She talks about an ‘angel’ she met while working at an insurance agency; this ‘angel’ steered Dasha to a career in accounting. While working in accounting, She realized that while she was keeping the company she was working for financially in line, her own financials were in distress. Dasha says it was this experience that triggered her inner entrepreneur.

Dasha explains how she created a safe-space which allowed her to coach others on achieving their own financial freedom. Dasha says that entrepreneurially thinking to her means always being a student, opening your mind to new things and get started.

Dasha discusses how she came up with her business plan, price point, client list and she explains her system and how it works. Dasha typically works with a client for 3 months; During that time, they go over bank statements, expenditures etc. By the end of the 3 months the client has been coached by Dasha and is ready to live a life full of financial freedom.

Dasha talks about the book she authored titled ‘Out of a Black Girls Heart, Flows Magic‘. This book contains an extraordinary collection of her most favorite and most inspirational positive thoughts and affirmations that she relied upon during her creative freedom journey. Dasha says that she challenges women to take action, overcome your greatest fears, boost your self-esteem, create success, and reclaim your inner peace.

Dasha tells us all about her newest adventure called The GirlPreneur Expo which has consistently aided in the advancement of black, female business owners for 2 years now. Attendees are placed with a female entrepreneur that is currently operating a business in their desired industry.

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ETHINKSTL-EP177-SEASON 13 EP13 – Dasha Kennedy – The Broke Black Girl