THINKSTL-EP176-SEASON 13 EP12 – Valeria Rodriguez – Shine In All Shades

Joining us today is Valeria Rodriguez, Artist and Creator of Shine In All Shades, an adult coloring book that celebrates and uplifts women of color in under-represented areas. Valeria is a multi-disciplined artist, graphic, and web designer who is hard-working, dedicated, bilingual, and results-oriented.  

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Valeria talks about her journey and life events that led her to the St. Louis region. Valeria says that after her life took an automatic and mundane turn she decided that she needed to re-spark her inner creative. Valeria says that entrepreneurially thinking to her means to be driven by your passions and to actively pursue your dreams with wholeheartedness and without fear.  

Valeria fills us in on her vision and all the details of Shine in All Shades coloring book. She explains her frustration with the lack of representation of the African-American woman. She says her books include words of hope, poems, affirmations, and quotes from the likes of Maya Angelou, Michelle O’Bama, and Ruby Dee along with other creative women that stand out as exceptional women that inspire other women.  

 Valeria discusses feedback that she has received from those who have purchased her adult coloring book and talks about how she navigated through the business world in order to get her book on the market, on shelves, and her business off the ground. She also talks about her experience with applying for a BALSA grant and the validation that came with her application being accepted.  

Valeria says her vision for being an entrepreneur is to create a safe space and a creative wellness tool for others. Valeria uses networking and referrals as a way to keep her on the grind and says that some of the challenges she has faced are getting out of her own way, asking others for help, and getting out of her comfort zone.  

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THINKSTL-EP176-SEASON 13 EP12 – Valeria Rodriguez – Shine In All Shades