ETHINKSTL-EP175-SEASON 13 EP11 – Fattened Caf

Joining us today are Charlene and Darren Young, Co-Owners of The Fattened Caf, a catering and pop-up restaurant business. What started out as a hobby for these two, has now blossomed into a budding side hustle. Charlene attributes her Filipino heritage and family recipes for the concept of The Fattened Caf, but it is their love of cooking that has made their business an overnight sensation.

In this episode:

Dr. Cheryl Watkins-Moore updates us on the ups and downs of Real Cannabis Company and says they have lots of balls in the air right now and are looking forward to them landing in all the right places in the future.

Also in this episode:

Charlene and Darren discuss how they both ended up in St. Louis after having grown up and living in Los Angeles. Entrepreneurship runs in both families and Charlene feels that her interest in Urban Planning comes from her Grandparents. Charlene says that entrepreneurially thinking to her means understanding and believing you are a part of a community.

Darren, a self-proclaimed ‘foodie’, talks about how the concept Fattened Caf came to be. He says baby steps ensued first by experimentation, then by hosting parties with friends, which quickly turned into friends asking them to cater their parties; born was The Fattened Caf. Darren says that entrepreneurially thinking to him means building a business around your gifts and passions.

Darren and Charlene talk about acquiring the proper permits and licenses and explain that they got their start at The Cherokee Community Market with enough food to make 30 plates, which sold out in 30 minutes, to having collaborative pop-up’s in restaurants around the St. Louis area.

Charlene tells us how a BALSA presentation at St. Louis Cortex helped her realize that her dreams of becoming a minority business owner could become a reality. She went full speed ahead in utilizing the community resources made available to her and other minority business owners.

Darren tells us about The Fattened Caf’s newest adventure which is a residency at Earth Bound Beer. Charlene is proud that their business has gone from 30 plates at a market to 250 plates at their residency and talks about hiring others to help their progress. Charlene talks about what the future holds for The Fattened Caf and says that the concept includes Filipino baked goods.

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ETHINKSTL-EP175-SEASON 13 EP11 – Fattened Caf