ETHINKSTL-EP174-SEASON 13 EP10 – Bronwyn Morgan

Joining us today is Bronwyn Morgan, Founder and CEO of XEO Air. Bronwyn is a certified drone pilot and is also the founder of Airversity Drone Academy and Consulting, where she develops strategic business models and disruptive strategies. Bronwyn has worked with companies such as Delta Airlines, Proctor and Gamble as well as The Coca-Cola Company. Bronwyn says that entrepreneurially thinking to her means approaching life with a robust and open viewpoint to see how things look to you and recognize a way to solve problems and sharing that with everyone around you.  

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Dr. Cheryl Watkins-Moore discusses how she has kept REAL Cannabis Company investors interested and vested in the endeavor and recognizing that the team continues to fight the fight so that the business they have invested in can succeed and make a positive impact in the community and in the industry.  

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Bronwyn tells us about her journey into entrepreneurship and how she found herself working in the innovation sector. She describes being very awestruck by a new form of innovation called UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) also known as Drones.  

Bronwyn explains what it was like when she took a huge leap of faith as she took the necessary steps to become a certified drone pilot which has lead to her success as a business owner of 2 businesses and a deep rooted reach in the St. Louis Geo-spatial community. Bronwyn says that St. Louis’ own T-Rex played a huge role in her planting her entrepreneurial roots in St. Louis. XEO Air is a ‘Drones on Demand’ company that collects data from the sky for businesses in the area and around the nation.  

Bronwyn explains the process of being certified as a drone pilot. Rules are extremely important and follow strict FAA guidelines. Brownyn talks about the hazards involved in piloting a drone.  

Bronwyn tells us how her role as a Female African American drone pilot and entrepreneur presents pathways for other female innovators to also rise up and start to fill the gender and ethnicity void within the spatial community. Bronwyn talks about founding the organization Black Women of STEAM and the movement it has created. Bronwyn discusses her outlook as a business owner and being able to source talent in St, Louis. She talk s about the gap in talent for engineers, development, data sciences, and artificial intelligence not only in St. Louis, but globally.  

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ETHINKSTL-EP174-SEASON 13 EP10 – Bronwyn Morgan