ETHINKSTL-EP173-SEASON 13 EP09 | Mimo Davis and Miranda Duschak | Urban Buds

Joining us today are Mimo Davis and Miranda Duschak, Co-Founders of Urban Buds: City Grown Flowers, an urban farm located in St. Louis’ Dutchtown neighborhood. Together their story is one of land, community, culture and love. 

In this episode:

Dr. Cheryl Watkins-Moore talks about how she keeps her REAL Cannabis Company teams’  morale engaged and staying positive when things don’t go as planned. Cheryl says it’s important to stay focused and continue to move forward so that your company can move in the right direction. 

Also in this episode:

Miranda explains the history of the location that now houses Urban Buds-City Grown Flowers. The nursery is located in the Dutchtown neighborhood which was founded in the 1870’s. As the neighborhood grew, so did the love for the nursery. Miranda and Mimo are production focused and love catering to their community.

Miranda and Mimo discuss how they formed a business relationship with the City of St. Louis in an effort to “grow” a successful business. Miranda explains the processes in which they had to go through in order for the farm to be recognized as a farm and be taxed as a farm. This process included things such as many hours at the Business Assistance Office at City Hall to conversations with FEMA and the Dutchtown Alderman. 

Miranda and Mimo discuss where their flowers are sold and can be found from local farmers markets to local florist shops; they are also a big part of the Bridal community. Miranda states that they also have a love for traveling and teaching others about agriculture. 

Mimo talks distribution and building existing and long lasting business relationships. Mimo gives some words of advice and says “start small and never stop sowing seeds – literally and figuratively”. Miranda’s advice is to “Do your homework!”. 

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ETHINKSTL-EP173-SEASON 13 EP09 | Mimo Davis and Miranda Duschak | Urban Buds