ETHINKSTL- APRIL ENCORE EPISODE (4) 172 – Jeff Gamble | Rezilient

We round out our April Encore Series with our conversation with Jeff Gamble. Jeff’s company has pivoted again since our conversation in November 2018. Now called Rezilient, they provide care without limits on their virtual healthcare platform. Like many other companies in the healthcare space, they have been working hard since the entire COVID-19 situation started to ensure that doctors and other medical professionals have the resources they need to continue to serve patients remotely.

On boarding a small number of new subscribers at a time they are doing their best to rollout their platform in a way that ensures it performs optimally for patients and physicians now and in the future. Hear how Jeff came to partner with Danish Nagda to found a healthcare startup at the heart of our new normal. #staylistening #stayathome #314together 

In this episode: 

 What led Jeff to create Dynamic Surgical. 
The Dynamic Surgical platform. 
How Dynamic Surgical connects the physician experience with that of the patient. 

Why make an experiential connection? 
How the investigative scientific mindset is entrepreneurial-like. 
The methods and thought processes Jeff wants to pass along to others. 
In the beginning, Jeff worked for a venture while he was building his own…why he made that choice and how he transitioned into full entrepreneurship. 
Jeff is in the middle of a pivot…hear what prompted the pivot and how he knew a pivot was necessary. 
Jeff’s lessons to share with other entrepreneurs from his experience. 

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ETHINKSTL- APRIL ENCORE EPISODE (4) 172 – Jeff Gamble | Rezilient