ETHINKSTL-ENCORE EPISODE 169 – Tiny Little Monster – Sloan

The first episode we are featuring for our April Encore Series is Tiny Little Monster – customer t-shirt printing. In an immediate response to the stay at home and social distancing orders owners Sloan and Jenny stated the #HereForGood campaign to help keep their team employed and put money into the pockets of other small business owners.

Check out their website to learn more about the campaign, how you or a small business you love can take part (or you can replicate in your own area) and buy a t-shirt or two. Then listen to our conversation with Sloan to get their back story and inspiration for your next venture. #staylistening #stayathome #314together  

In this Episode: 

Sloan talks about how her inner entrepreneur skills started when she was a child.  

Sloan tells us about how her start in the SEO/Website development business led her to an interest in the screen printing business.  

Sloan talks about how opportunity met preparedness with the name Tiny Little Monster and a preexisting SEO database.  

Sloan gives great feedback for staff and new growth practices. 

Sloan explains what makes Tiny Little Monster different from all the other screen printing shops in St. Louis and how she and her business partner troubleshoot ways to keep them on top of the business game.  

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ETHINKSTL-ENCORE EPISODE 169 – Tiny Little Monster – Sloan