ETHINKSTL 168: Salman Shah|Co-Founder and designer of JORD Wood Watches

Joining us today is Salman Shah, Co-Founder and designer of JORD Wood Watches. Salman is the creative mind behind the innovative line of wood watches. He has extensive experience working closely with global manufactures throughout the manufacturing process and brings a unique set of flair and personable characteristics that make him a great spokesperson for the JORD brand.

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Salman discusses his path from college to business owner/entrepreneur. In working with other companies and helping them optimize their SEO’s, Salman realized that he too could use his inner entrepreneur and the learned skills he had to create his own products and brands to become a CEO himself. 

Salman talks about his personal love of watches and how a social media post from an influencer inspired him to try his first ever wood watch. Salman says he was disappointed in the craftsmanship of that particular watch and so he set out on a mission to make the best possible wood watch on the market. 

Salman speaks about the evolution of JORD Watches from start to present time. He talks about the importance of crafting a timepiece that consists of natural quality and the ability to create an emotional attachment and a passion. He explains the importance of his brand being eco-friendly and forward thinking. 

Salman discusses how he and his partners are moving towards expanding their brand with even more Eco-friendly products such as women’s handbags that are made from cork-infused fabric called ‘Suber-Hyde’. Salman says that Entrepreneurially thinking to him

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ETHINKSTL 168: Salman Shah|Co-Founder and designer of JORD Wood Watches