ETHINKSTL 166: Jamila Owens-Todd, | Golden Grocer | Root Berry Leaf

Joining us today is Jamila Owens-Todd, Naturopathic Doctor and serial entrepreneur. Jamila started her career path with studying sciences at The University of Missouri-St. Louis. Jamila has a passion for helping others heal themselves and has pledged to educate and provide insight in regaining your innate healing power.  

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Dr. Cheryl Watkins- Moore discusses raising capital for REAL Cannabis Company and the challenges that come with that. She explains the value of your company plays an important role in fundraising. Key factors in value are a strong business plan, a professional team, and good relationships. 

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Jamila tells us about a great opportunity she was given in her Senior year of high school to become an analytical student chemist with the FDA. She shares a personal story that took her in the direction of homeopathic cures and tells us the many voyages she has been on in her quest for her PhD. Jamila says that entrepreneurially thinking to her means being a solution bearing person.   

 Jamila speaks about her solo projects and a few of the other projects that she works on with other entrepreneurs. She tells us about her tea business called RootBerryLeaf and how the concept came to life. She started by simply blending different teas to not only provide an appeal to the taste buds but to also serve a medicinal purpose. The teas provide a therapeutic remedy that is not only accessible but also affordable.   

Jamila speaks about self-identifying. She says she doesn’t identify as an entrepreneur per se, but rather as a holistic support system. She has had to learn how to deal with customers in a private practice setting with MINT as well as a transactional setting with Golden Grocer.   

 Jamila talks about her new line of CBD products and the reality of what CBD can do for some folks. She tells us about her process of product experimentation, tours of facilities and steps she took in making the best-informed decision for a successful line of products.   

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ETHINKSTL 166: Jamila Owens-Todd, | Golden Grocer | Root Berry Leaf