ETHINKSTL 165: Daphne Benzaquen, | Daph

Joining us today is Daphne Benzaquen, Creative Designer, CEO and Founder of Daph., a St. Louis based fashion and lifestyle brand inspired by her Peruvian heritage. 

Founded in 2016, Daph. is one of the only U.S. fashion and lifestyle brands that solely culminates modern, timeless designs with Peruvian resources and handmade craftsmanship.  

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Dr. Cheryl Watkins-Moore discusses how REAL Cannabis Company is using technology in a way that is not obtrusive to future customers but at the same time offers a secure environment for customers and employees as well.  

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Daphne tells us about her Peruvian heritage and how that has an influence on her designs. She goes into detail about how the concept of her fashion and design business came to be and explains her unique prototype process. Daphne says that entrepreneurially thinking to her means coming up with various creative solutions to everyday problems. 

Daphne explains that it was while she was completing her MBA that her dreams of one day being her own boss encouraged her to try an entrepreneur course which in turn gave her the fuel she needed to take the leap into starting her own business.  

Daphne tells us how her collection went from one item to a whole line of accessories, handbags, apparel, and totes. She goes into detail about the design process which can sometimes take up to a year to create and she also tells us what kinds of Peruvian products she likes to use in the design process. Daphne is very focused on her companies values which are: Quality over quantity, sustainability, and giving back.  

Daphne explains how she got her business off the ground financially and also tells us how she is experimenting with other events such as pop-up shops and social media. She gives us a heads-up on what to expect in the future for Daph. 

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ETHINKSTL 165: Daphne Benzaquen, | Daph