ETHINKSTL 164: Brandin Vaughn, | The Brandin Vaughn Collection

Joining us today is Brandin Vaughn, Owner and Fashion Designer of The Brandin Vaughn Collection, a clothing line that is a ‘contemporary bridge’ ready to wear line for both men and women. Before launching his business, Brandin was the Director of Development at Create Space. Brandin has always had an entrepreneurial spirit.  

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Dr. Cheryl Watkins – Moore updates us on REAL Cannabis Company and the importance of prioritizing and creating a nice ‘balance’ not only in business but in your personal life as well.  

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Brandin talks about how his love for fashion and design transpired by first creating cushions for his couch at home. He tells us that he taught himself how to sew and the rest just fell into place. Brandin says that to him, entrepreneurially thinking means never giving up, falling and getting back up but always staying consistent with what you believe. He also explains how his creative visions turned profitable in high school.  

Brandin discusses the challenges he has faced in his first few years of business. He talks about letting go of some of the business responsibilities and handing those tasks over to a trusted individual or manufacturer.  

Brandin tells us about how he celebrated his 1000th designed item and what that success felt like and what he plans to do with his future collections. He explains that in his vision the ‘working person’ has a right to have something made just for them and he loves being able to give that to his clients. 

Brandin tells us how he keeps himself inspired by going to different functions and keeping an eye on the fashion industry. He discusses how he keeps his business relevant through social media. He feels the importance of connecting with clients and giving them a piece of himself.  

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ETHINKSTL 164: Brandin Vaughn, | The Brandin Vaughn Collection