ETHINKSTL 163: Christy Schlafly, | STL Foodworks

Joining us today is Christy Schlafly, CEO, and Owner of STL Foodworks, a culinary incubator located in the Central West End. Christy is a native St. Louis’ who loves working with creative culinarians. Christy noticed a need for extra kitchen space for young businesses to ramp up and therefore decided to provide a professional environment for culinary entrepreneurs to work their magic.  

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Dr. Cheryl Watkins-Moore discusses where REAL Cannabis stands post-application process. She fills us in on what strategies they are focusing on in order to also get licensing in other states and how to move the company forward.  

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Christy talks about her love for the City of St. Louis and she tells us about the long line of entrepreneurs in her family starting with her Grandfather’s business called Ford Hotel Supply Company. She talks about how after college,she dug her feet right into the family business by taking a position in the purchasing division and that eventually led to sales.  

Christy explains that after speaking with some really neat people and entrepreneurs, she decided to take a leap of faith and start her very own business called STL Foodworks. Christy explains how she found the space for her new business and how they transformed an old hardware store to meet all of the needs for future culinary incubator tenants.  

Christy describes the process a ‘foodpreneur’ has to go thru I order to become a member/client of STL Foodworks. This list consists of having insurance, training on equipment (which is provided through STL Foodworks), and the future tenant must have their “Serve Safe Hazard” training certification. She also tells us how the STL Foodworks membership works.  

Christy talks about the challenges she has faced as a new entrepreneur and she says that to her, entrepreneurially thinking means thinking with excitement, passion, motivation, and inspiration! Christy loves showcasing other entrepreneurs and feels like St. Louis has a wonderful pot of ‘foodpreneurs’ to choose from.  






ETHINKSTL 163: Christy Schlafly, | STL Foodworks