ETHINKSTL 162: Sucheta Bhide | The Resplendent Crow

Joining us today is Sucheta Bhide, Owner of The Resplendent Crow, a small business located in University City. Missouri that refinishes vintage furniture in glossy paint and lacquer. Sucheta is a dynamic entrepreneurial leader with a proven record of achievement and she demonstrates success in leading a franchise with sales close to 1 million dollars while maintaining over 96% customer satisfaction. 

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Cheryl Watkins-Moore gives us an update on REAL Cannabis Company and the intense application process they have just undergone in order to get a permit to manufacture, distribute, and infuse cannabis. 

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Sucheta explains that she moved to the United States from India in 1997. She talks about going to Washington University, St. Louis as an adult and once she qualified to legally hold full-time employment she started in retail. She tells us how The Resplendent Crow was birthed and says that entrepreneurially thinking to her means chasing your dreams and going after them hard.  Sucheta talks about what media outlets she uses to promote her pieces.

She started by using ETSY and now uses Instagram, Facebook and many other avenues for her business. She also tells us where the name The Resplendent Crow came from.  Sucheta talks about the day to day task of running the business and how she makes working with her husband, who is by chance a cabinet maker by trade, an asset not a hindrance. 

Sucheta talks about where she sees The Resplendent Crow in the future. She talks about the things her customers are asking for and how her team strives on a daily basis to make sure the demands are met. 

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ETHINKSTL 162: Sucheta Bhide | The Resplendent Crow