ETHINKSTL 161: Dr. Cheryl Watkins- Moore|REAL Cannabis Company

Joining us today is Dr. Cheryl Watkins- Moore, Co-Owner and Chief Marketing Officer of REAL Cannabis Company. REAL Cannabis Co. hopes to put their locations in predominate minority communities in the St. Louis region and hire in those areas. Cheryl says she is encouraged that this strategy should boost its application, which seeks licenses for 5 dispensaries as well as a cultivation and processing center. 

In this episode:

Cheryl tells us what REAL Cannabis Company hopes to do in the future and explains not only how the process came about but how they raised capital and even had folks wanting to give them more than they were needing when it came down to it. 

Cheryl talks about the intricate and exhausting process of obtaining a cannabis license in the State of Missouri. The first hurdle was to get the cannabis amendment passed. The second hurdle was the tedious task of filling out and writing the applications. 

Cheryl tells us about the ‘capped market’ structured around the application process. The State of Missouri only allowed applications for 60 cultivation centers, 80 manufacturing centers, and 194 dispensaries in total.

Cheryl talks about the future of REAL Cannabis Company and she shares with us how she manages her busy life schedule from family to entrepreneurship. 

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ETHINKSTL 161: Dr. Cheryl Watkins- Moore|REAL Cannabis Company