ETHINKSTL 157: Cbabi Bayoc | Visual Artist and Illustrator

Joining us today is Cbabi Bayoc, an internationally known Visual Artist and Illustrator. Cbabi’s subjects include family, children, music and much more all designed with line, bold color and phunk. Cbabi is the creator of a project titled ‘365 Days with Dad’, a journey that paints a positive image of black fatherhood. Cbabi spends his time working on a variety of projects including community murals, school murals, children’s books, illustrations and is always up for a new challenge.

In this episode:

Cbabi discusses how art became his passion and how that continues to evolve through his everyday life. He talks about how he went from being commissioned to do an art piece for a local company to working in an art gallery in Union Station to doing caricatures at Six Flags to now being a known internationally as an Artist. Entrepreneurially Thinking to Cbabi means authentically sharing himself with the world.

Cbabi talks about preparedness and how experience has played a large role in his efforts to further his portfolio which has allowed him to go on and be a Seminole Artist while at the same time picking up on the “entrepreneurial language”.Cbabi discusses his project titled ‘365 Days with Dad’ and he also talks about how the artist Prince contacted Cbabi to do album artwork for his 28th album titled ‘The Rainbow Children’ in 2001.

Cbabi tells us how his work has now also shifted to murals and cultural representation with the school communities. Cbabi says he loves to talk with the children at the schools where he is commissioned to do murals; he hopes that they can see with their own eyes that if you have a dream to be an artist or an entrepreneur and you follow that dream, it can come true.

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ETHINKSTL 157: Cbabi Bayoc | Visual Artist and Illustrator