ETHINKSTL 152: Janna Westbrook | Provider Pool

Dec 11, 2019

ETHINKSTL 152: Janna Westbrook | Provider Pool

[Season 12, Episode 8] 

Joining us today is Janna Westbrook, Founder, and CEO of Provider Pool, an online labor marketplace created for the healthcare industry. Janna is a Registered Nurse and is fueled by her passion for healthcare. She has dedicated her efforts to tackle challenges within the industry. 

In this episode:

Janna talks about her early years of nursing and her concerns with the ‘old ways’ of nursing technologies as well as her frustration with nurse staffing issues which prompted her inner entrepreneur to start ProviderPool.  Janna talks about inviting a co-worker to join her on her new adventure and the process of immersing themselves in the start-up world and how St. Louis’ own T-Rex became a home and a family for their new business. 

Janna explains how Provider Pool streamlines staffing models in healthcare organizations while appealing to the modern-day Nurse. The Provider Pool platform algorithmically matches hospitals to their ideal nursing professional on-demand, virtually creating an ‘UBER for Nurses’ concept. 

Janna discusses the Midwest product ‘road map’ and how Provider Pool is filling nursing needs in the Midwest region. 

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ETHINKSTL 152: Janna Westbrook | Provider Pool