ETHINKSTL 151: Jeff and Randy Vines | STL – Style

Dec 4, 2019

ETHINKSTL 151: Jeff and Randy Vines | STL – Style

[Season 12, Episode 7] 

Joining us today are Jeff and Randy Vines, Creators and Owners of STL-Style. Jeff and Randy are identical twins who have a fierce love for everything STL. Together, the two have created STL-Style, A St. Louis inspired graphic design and apparel company that has been featured in publications such as The New York Times and Fast Company.

In this episode:

Jeff and Randy tell us about how a hobby and a love for city nostalgia turned into a full-time business venture that went from screen printing shirts on a friends kitchen table to a now -much larger scale screen printing operation in their shop located on Cherokee Street on St. Louis’ South Side of town.

Jeff and Randy talk about getting involved with civic affairs such as historic preservation and urban advocacy. With much support from St. Louis Contemporaries, this caught the attention of The New York Times in 2008.

Jeff and Randy discuss the term entrepreneurship and what entrepreneurship means to each of them. They explain the importance of being employers and how their love for the city of St. Louis has sparked a new revolution in making St. Louis a little brighter on the map.

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ETHINKSTL 151: Jeff and Randy Vines | STL – Style