ETHINKSTL 148 (Season 12 EP 4): Charli Cooksey | WePower

Charli Cooksey

ETHINKSTL 148: Charli Cooksey | WePower

[Season 12, Episode 4]

Joining us today is Charli Cooksey​, Founder, and CEO of WEPOWER STL, Executive Director of Inspire STL and the Interim Executive Director of Forward Through Ferguson. Charli is a firm believer that a different St. Louis requires a different kind of leadership.

In this episode:​

Charli talks about coming from a long family line of artists and shares her opinion on the similarities between arts and entrepreneurship as well as creativity and believing in things you can’t see tangibly then taking that vision to make it tangible. 

Charli discusses how she merged entrepreneurship and social injustice through Inspire STL and her newest venture WEPOWER STL. Charlie says she felt the need to introduce the concept of positive performance early on in education by providing college preparatory course and intense college preparatory Summer programs as early as the 7th grade.

Charli tells us in detail about WEPOWER and its mission to create solutions that lead towards transformation WE POWER is focused on building political and economical power within the Black and Latinx communities by partnering with those communities and activating change makers. 

Charlie discusses a new accelerator called Elevate/Elevar, which gives elevation to companies that elevate communities. This accelerator offers 6 month programs that help Black and Latinx based start-ups by giving them  access to capital, providing them with connections and coaching that can help them build their capacity in an effort to be investment ready. 

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ETHINKSTL 148 (Season 12 EP 4): Charli Cooksey | WePower