ETHINKSTL 147 (Season 12 EP 3) — Jennifer Garcia | Garcia Properties

Jennifer Garcia

ETHINKSTL 147: Jennifer Garcia | Garcia Properties

[Season 11, Episode 14]

Joining us today is ​Jenifer Garcia​,  Owner, and Broker at Garcia Properties. Jenifer is a mentor to many agents who have become some of St. Louis’ Top Realtors. Having been in the industry for 20 years, Jenifer instills in her tribe a focus on making life long customers through integrity and thoughtful service. 

 In this episode:​

Jenifer talks about how she started as an entrepreneur at the very young age of 14 and how an infomercial took her by chance down a path that would eventually steer her towards real estate.

Jenifer discusses how Garcia Properties got its start with apartment buildings and how that grew into a much larger business model and what her vision for the future is for Garcia Properties. 

Jenifer explains how a multi-faceted family run business fits under one business umbrella and how they make it work so smoothly. 

Jenifer gives us advice on business and how to “let your freak flag fly”. She says that most importantly, you should trust your gut and do what you love and what makes you happy. 

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ETHINKSTL 147 (Season 12 EP 3) — Jennifer Garcia | Garcia Properties