ETHINKSTL 144 (Season 11 EP 11) — Shannon Thompson | Indie 4 Eatery

Joining us today is Shannon Thompson, Proprietor of Indie 4 Eatery and Indie 4 Catering. Shannon devoted 12 years of her life to the United States Air Force. Upon returning , she spent a short time in the corporate world. It didn’t take long for Shannon to realize that the corporate world just didn’t fill her passion within; It was then that she and her husband started Indie 4 Catering and the rest is history.

In this episode:

Shannon discusses how Indie 4 Catering maintains sustainability not only in the business aspect but also on the menu side of the business with items such as ‘compost nachos’ and health based all natural juice drinks.

Shannon talks about how being laid off from her full-time job thrust her into entrepreneurship by incident and the process of transitioning into the business with her husband by her side.

Shannon discusses the difficulties she and her husband faced in trying to find a new form of employment once exiting the Air Force and how she has to teach herself to ask others for help and how through mentoring, she was able to learn how to be ‘coachable’.

Shannon tells us about where she sees herself and Indie 4 catering in the future through partnerships, collaborations and franchising.

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ETHINKSTL 144 (Season 11 EP 11) — Shannon Thompson | Indie 4 Eatery