ETHINKSTL 143 (Season 11 EP 10) —Alexces Bartley | MO SourceLink

Joining us today is Alexces Bartley, Director and Network Builder of Missouri SourceLink. At her core, Alex is a connector with a deep passion for helping communities and individuals grow through access to entrepreneurial opportunities. Prior to her work with Missouri SourceLink, Alex served as Outreach Programs Manager at Oklahoma State University Riata Center for Entrepreneurship.

In this episode:

Alexces talks about how she fills her role as a Network Builder and the idea of the concept that entrepreneurship is a team sport wherever you go and how social networks are extremely valuable to the growth of a business.

Alexces talks about the importance of unlocking the talent that Missouri holds within it many territories and accepting that what is good for Missouri is good for its towns and what is good for our towns is good for Missouri.

Alexces explains how Missouri SourceLink connects rural communities who may not have the ability to connect otherwise, with the tools the need to get their business to the next step.

Alexces gives a detailed summary of the resources available to small business owners and start ups through Missouri SourceLink such as a hotline number, referrals, a personal action plan and a Resource Navigator that gives you access to 500 business resource organizations with the click of just one button.

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ETHINKSTL 143 (Season 11 EP 10) —Alexces Bartley | MO SourceLink