Episode 11.8 — Rachel D’Souza Siebert | Gladiator Consulting

Joining us today is Rachel D’Souza Siebert, Founder and Principal of Gladiator Consulting.
Rachel is at her best when she’s starting, fixing or leading. In 2015, Gladiator Consulting came
to life offering Core Values and Guiding Principles to our communities.

In this episode:
Rachel talks about how a need to have her voice heard and having a way to fulfill her interest in
social justice led her to the nonprofit sector.

Rachel discusses the importance of breaking down the barrier of being a mom and an
entrepreneur and how she makes that work.

Rachel talks about the power dynamic that exists in philanthropy between the people that fund
and the people who need the funds and how Gladiator Consulting seeks to obtain their goals.

Rachel explains abundance in the non-profit world and forging a new path for future

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Episode 11.8 — Rachel D’Souza Siebert | Gladiator Consulting