Episode 11.7 — Jessica Hitchcock | Following Her Entrepreneurial Heart for Art

Joining us today is Jessica Hitchcock , owner of Jessica Hitchcock, LLC. Jessica paints from her home in St. Louis, Missouri and it’s her bold colors that give her a signature look. She only recently quit her day job in Finance and Human Resources to devote her efforts full-time to her art business. Following a recent trip to Mexico to work with an expert to discuss a business plan, she is off to a great start and getting her name out there.

In this episode :

Jessica tells us where and how her artistic story started in 2015 and how her mom’s
entrepreneurship story may have had a little influence on her becoming an entrepreneur.

Jessica explains how she went from being an artist as a hobby to having her paintings on display at the Metropolitan Pavilion in Manhattan. She tells us how it all happened very naturally for her.

Jessica tells us how the transition of working full time in the Finance and Human Resource field into a full time artist happened and how other full time artists sparked a flame in her to make the jump from corporate to the world of entrepreneurship.

Jessica talks about Instagram and how the Instagram platform has made a tremendous contribution to the growth of her business model not only locally but internationally. Jessica also talks about the power of social media in general.

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Episode 11.7 — Jessica Hitchcock | Following Her Entrepreneurial Heart for Art