ETHINKSTL 141 (Season 11 EP 6)— Nick Dunne | Marketing M.A.D.E. Man

Joining us today is Nick Dunne, Communications Director For MADE, Third Degree Glass Factory and The Delmar Maker District. A 2011 graduate of Webster University with a B.A. degree in Public Relations, Nick brings a culmination of marketing experience to all three businesses while using his background as a professional communicator to elevate the community of artists, makers and other entrepreneurs in the St. Louis area.

In this episode:

Nick talks about how a collaborative idea turned into an evolution of a multifaceted studio for creating, making and selling; all the while building a social network.

Nicks explains where the name M.A.D.E came from and its meaning;M-Makers, A-Artists, D-Designers, E-Entrepreneurs and he tells us how the MADE concept works.

Nick talks about the lack of resources for children to learn, make and create and how MADE and The Magic House have collaborated to make a space for children to learn, grow and express themselves through art and design.

Nick discusses the future of the maker district and his hopes of development which will help cultivate a community including the joining of a credit union and the possibility of a food truck park .

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ETHINKSTL 141 (Season 11 EP 6)— Nick Dunne | Marketing M.A.D.E. Man