ETHINKSTL 140 (Season 11 EP 3) — Amy Slaughter | Aims Moon Paperie

Amy Slaughter | Aims Moon Paperie

Joining us today is Amy Slaughter, Owner of Aims Moon Paperie. Founded in 2016, Aims Moon Paperie is a stationery company dedicated to providing women with tools for self-reflection and organization. Amy always wanted to create and to become an entrepreneur. A writer for many years, Amy found journaling was a way to de-clutter her thoughts. Compelled by her passion for writing, she started her own business. Aims Moon Paperie is a chic, handcrafted-gifts brand that allows you to write your thoughts in style. 

In this episode: 

Amy describes her inner entrepreneur and how it took form.

She discusses the various outlets she discovered and the experiences she encountered in her first year. 

Amy discusses her design process and her quality control initiatives for offering the BEST product to her clients. 

Amy talks about becoming an entrepreneur and how it helped her learn more about herself and gave her a reasons to believe in herself. 

Amy discusses her dreams and goals and where she sees her company in the future and how she plans to obtain those goals. 

Amy tells us how she organically developed her business connections and how she maintains those connections. Amy also gives advice to future entrepreneurs on how they can best showcase their inner entrepreneur. 

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ETHINKSTL 140 (Season 11 EP 3) — Amy Slaughter | Aims Moon Paperie
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