ETHINKSTL 139 (Season 11 EP 3) — Devon Moody Graham | #CEOMOM

Devon Moody Graham

Joining us today is Devon Moody-Graham, CEO and Founder of CEO MOM. Devon is a Wife, Mother, CEO, Community Leader and Serial Entrepreneur. Devon is passionate about creating solutions to ease the journey of pulling off all of the above. Devon created CEO MOM as a platform to help mothers who are entrepreneurs make their dreams come true. CEO MOM provides ’empire building’ assistance, kid-friendly meet ups and opportunities for women to connect with other women while improving their businesses and grow together. 

In this episode: 

Devon discusses how CEO MOM came about through her own experiences as a mom and entrepreneur and seeing other moms struggle to achieve CEO status. 

Devon explains the importance of motherly figures inspiring their children to do better and to reach for and obtain their goals by leading by example. Devon also talks about a new term called ‘Momager’ and how inspiration goes both ways. 

Devon describes in detail what CEO MOM events, such as meet-ups and seminars, entail and what to expect when attending a CEO MOM event. 

Devon explains how she uses delegation in order to accomplish her long list of daily tasks and business development. 

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ETHINKSTL 139 (Season 11 EP 3) — Devon Moody Graham | #CEOMOM
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