Episode 10.12 — Core & Rind | Cashew Cheesy Saucy Success

Core & Rind | Cashew Cheesy Saucy Success

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Joining us today are Rita Childers and Candi Haas, Co-owners of Core + Rind. Both are certified Culinary Nutrition experts and together have created Cashew Cheesy Sauce to make your journey to health not only easier, but tastier as well. 

In this episode: 

Rita and Candi talk about how similarities and struggles with their own health, motivated them to create and market a product that would not only benefit them, but others as well. 

Rita and Candi talk about the process of taking their product from something personal to a product of scale and the difficulties of ‘letting go of the reigns’ per say in order to grow to the next level. 

This ‘cheesy duo’ discuss how the Ignite program helped them move through the development phase of Consumer Product Goods. 

Candi talks about how opportunity turned into preparedness and how Cashew Cheesy Sauce ended up on Whole Foods shelf space. 

Candi tells us about the different events and ways they promote their product line and what the future has in store for Core + Rind. 

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Episode 10.12 — Core & Rind | Cashew Cheesy Saucy Success