ETHINKSTL 136 (Season 10 EP 11) — Float STL | Effortless Wellness in Water

Joining us today are Jacob Resch and Kevin McCulloch, Founders of FLOAT STL. FLOAT STL is St. Louis’ first float center and was opened in February of 2015. FLOAT STL has facilitated over 42,000 floats and continues the mission to help create a better access to healing modality. 

In this episode: 

We learn what the craft of floating is and the experience of floating. 

-Jacob shares about his RN & Psyche background and the role it played to help build their float center experience. 

-Kevin gives light on how helping people with eating disorders and working at a treatment center led to meeting and working with Jacob. 

-Both talk about a weekend trip in 2012 to Chicago leading to conversations on opening a float center in St Louis. 

-Kevin describes what a float tank actually is, how it works, and the experience for an individual. He adds why they decided to focus only on the float craft instead of adding other services like massage for self-care. 

-Jacob describes their hiring and training of employees to maintain their float experience vision for Float STL guests. 

-Both Jacob and Kevin talked about the importance of partnership and financial backing for their unique business concept. Then they finish up about their own self-care besides just floating. 

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ETHINKSTL 136 (Season 10 EP 11) — Float STL | Effortless Wellness in Water