Episode 10.8 — Holiday Highlight Show | The Best of #ETHINKSTL

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Today, enjoy some of the best ETHINKSTL episodes of the season. Each show is filled with unique and valuable insight, experience and perspective. Check out this highlight episode for your must have entrepreneurial punch-list and be sure to come back for more in the full episodes of your favorites!!

We are celebrating our favorite moments from practitioners, coaches and wise women. 

In our PRACTITIONER segment: 

Jeremy Nulik, lead futurist and strategist from Big Wide Sky gives us some tips on how to work through a major future change. Learn More: http://www.bigwidesky.com

Diego Abente, Vice President of Economic Development of the International Institute and President of the International Institute Community Developmental Corporation, discusses how he helps immigrants achieve the American Dream. Learn More: http://www.iistl.org

Maria Meyers and Kate Pope-Hodel of KC SourceLink talk about how to build relationships and the importance of making the correct network connections. Learn More: http://www.joinsourcelink.com/

In our COACHING segment: 

Quentin Ortega, President of QCO Consulting, tells us how to be ‘coach-able’ and how to take feedback and turn it into a positive. Learn More: https://www.linkedin.com/in/quentinortega/

Nicci Roach and Lorie Jackson, Founders of Mosiac Ceiling, talk about the joys of having a business partner to help even the playing field. Learn More: http://nicciroach.com/ or https://www.linkedin.com/in/mosaic-ceiling-094a09147/

Erin Joy, Founder of Black Dress Partners, talks about finding the right cultural fit within your organization. Learn More: https://blackdresspartners.com/

In our WISE WOMEN segment: Rebeccah Bennett, Founder and Principal of Emerging Wisdom LLC and its subsidiary InPower Institute, talks about the importance of responsible transformation while acquiring your personal goals. Learn More: http://www.emergingwisdomllc.com/

Phyllis Librach, President and Founder of Sydney’s Closet, discusses the importance of research and using past skills to better your business. Learn More: http://www.sydneyscloset.com

Ronke Faleti, Founder and CEO of Korede, discusses the importance of a strong mindset in order to have a strong business. Learn More: http://www.shopkorede.com/

Episode 10.8 — Holiday Highlight Show | The Best of #ETHINKSTL
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