Episode 10.3 — Lawanda Brooks | Sweethead

Lawanda Brooks

Joining us today is Lawanda Brooks, Award winning Licensed Cosmetologist, Entrepreneur, Educator, Author and Cosmetic Chief.

Lawanda is the Owner of 3 local salons by the name of SweetHead Naturals. SweetHead Naturals salon is a natural salon and a distributor of Lawanda’s very own line of toxic free products. 

In this episode:

Lawanda talks about ‘the moment’ she knew she wanted to be a stylist.

Lawanda discusses her business plan and talks about the reason she chose the business model she chose. 

Lawanda talks about her passion for creating not only a safe product for her clients but a safer product and work environment for her employees as well. 

Lawanda tells us about how using her harmful chemical free products in her salon on just her clients, grew to a whole new level and a manufacturing/distribution business. 

Lawanda talks about the ingredients she uses in all of her SweetHead Naturals products. 

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Episode 10.3 — Lawanda Brooks | Sweethead
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