Episode 9.13 — Katie Petty | Wild Heart

Katie Petty | Wild Heart

Joining us today is Katie Petty, president of Wild Heart, LLC and inventor of The Brushless Paw Wash. In 2002, Katie came up with a thought that later turned into the invention of The Brushless Paw Wash. Katie used her 6th grade Science Fair as a way to test this new product and after rave reviews, Katie developed and patented her well-thought out invention.

In this episode:

Katie talks about the need for The Brushless paw Wash after her childhood dog tracked mud into her home when she was 12 years old.

Katie states that she is the first Inventor in a family full of entrepreneurs. 

Katie discusses the problems she encountered with patent infringement and knock-off products and she talks about how she was able to go after those folks for royalties. 

Katie talks about the importance of resilience in the wake of challenges she faces as an entrepreneur. 

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Episode 9.13 — Katie Petty | Wild Heart
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