Episode 9.12 — Justin Barr | STL from Above

Joining us today is Justin Barr of STL from Above. In 2017, Justin added an aerial photography drone to his equipment kit to bring new dimensions to his usual business of wedding photography. 

Little did Justin know the fame he would gain from his drone work. In just 2 short years, Justin’ s photos taken via drone, have landed on numerous book and magazine covers, commissioned pieces, articles and a fan base that continues to grow. 

In this episode:

Justin talks about how a hobby turned into a full-blown photography business.

Justin discusses the ins and outs of drone photography including FAA Regulations, permits and licensing protocol. 

Justin talks about how he handles a family, a full-time job and the new found fame he has found himself in with the drone scene and business opportunities it poses. 

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Episode 9.12 — Justin Barr | STL from Above
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