Episode 9.3 — Humans of St Louis

Joining us today is Lindy Drew and Elaine Cha of Humans Of St. Louis.
Lindy Discusses how her background in social work, public health and photography led her on a journey to tell the stories of the humans of St. Louis and Elaine Cha talks about her interactions with Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Eastern Missouri. 

In this episode:

Lindy tells us about her travels to Chile.

Elaine discusses her love for working with a local non-profit.

Lindy discusses the birth of the concept of Humans of St. Louis book.

The struggles of getting a person to opening up and telling their ‘story’ to
a complete stranger.

What it means to be ‘working artist’.

Learn more:

Lindy Drew: humansofstl@gmail.com
Elaine Cha: echa@bbbsemo.org

Lindy Drew: www.humansofstl.org
Elaine Cha: www.bbbsemo.org

Company Facebook:
Lindy Drew: http://www.facebook.com/HumansofSTL
Elaine Cha: http://www.facebook.com/BBBSEMO

Episode 9.3 — Humans of St Louis