Episode 9.2 — Jonathan Allen | Longneck & Thunderfoot

Jonathan Allen | Longneck & Thunderfoot

Joining us today is Jonathan Allen, President of Longneck & Thunderfoot, a 2016 Arch Grant recipient company.
Jonathan discusses his passion for sharing the journey and best practices of start-ups and entrepreneurship. 
London born, Jonathan jumped the pond in 9 years ago and acquired a local publication titled EQ in 2017.
EQ Magazine focuses on St. Louis’ entrepreneurial scene. 

In this episode:

Jonathan tells us about how a special girl landed him here in St. Louis.

What is takes to become an Arch Grant recipient.

Why Jonathan feels networking is so important?

What it means to build a Brand-Ads company.

Jonathan talks about time management for serial entrepreneurs.

Traditional advertising models verses new advertising models.
Email: jonathan@eqstl.com

Website: https://eqstl.com/

Episode 9.2 — Jonathan Allen | Longneck & Thunderfoot