Episode 7.9 — Nicci Roach Lorie Jackson | Empowering Women One Ceiling At A Time

Nicci Roach and Lorie Jackson

Joining us today are Nicci Roach and Lorie Jackson, founders of Mosaic Ceiling. Mosaic Ceiling is a Midwest based 501(c)3 nonprofit organization building a global community to drive social change for women of color and culture, inclusive to all women. Their mission is to “Empower Women One Ceiling at a Time” with personal and professional development programming and research efforts in six key areas:

Education Attainment
Health & Wellness
Leadership Development 
Political Participation
Wage Gap & Economic Security

In this episode:
Lori’s corporate background and the challenges she faced with equity.

Where she found answers and support?

What she learned along the way?

What does executive leadership need to understand?

Mosaic Ceiling’s key areas of focus for women.

Nicci’s corporate experience and the things she observed with diversity.

What changed Nicci’s direction to pursue the change rather than to press forward?

What are the tools they use to empower women?

The importance of the terms “color” AND “culture” and why they emphasize both.

Common challenges or areas women of color and culture.

Learn more:

Website http://nicciroach.com

Company Facebook http://facebook.com/lajhrc/

Company Twitter http://twitter.com/@mosaic_ceiling

Company LinkedIn Page https://www.linkedin.com/in/mosaic-ceiling-094a09147/

Personal Facebook http://facebook.com/nicciroach

Personal Twitter http://twitter.com/@NicciRoach

Personal LinkedIn http://www.linkedin.com/in/nicciroach

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Episode 7.9 — Nicci Roach Lorie Jackson | Empowering Women One Ceiling At A Time
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