Episode 7.7 — COCABiz | Creative Makes Competitive

COCABiz | Creative Makes Competitive

Joining us today is Steve Knight, Director of COCAbiz. He designs and facilitates experiential workshops to foster collaborative creativity, design-thinking and business storytelling using the power of the arts. Also with us is Rob Morgan, a production designer, teacher at Washington University and serves as a Teaching Artist for COCAbiz.

COCAbiz is the business training division of St. Louis’ renowned Center of Creative Arts (COCA), the fourth largest multi-disciplinary community arts institution in the nation. The mission COCAbiz is to build a more creative, engaged and effective work-force by delivering innovative workshops and events that employ authentic arts teaching to deliver business results.

In this episode:
– Where the idea to integrate art into the workplace as a tool for training originated
– Steve’s artistic background
– An exercise for business professionals that helps to shift their mindset and approach
– Tapping into your creative energy
– What are the main challenges for business leaders?
– As an arm of the COCAbiz art institute, how much of the arts does COCAbiz integrate into teaching?
– More about the key competencies of focus (leadership, communication, collaboration and ideation)
– Where does inspiration come from?


Rob: www.morgansetdesign.com

Episode 7.7 — COCABiz | Creative Makes Competitive
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