Episode 7.5 — Sebastian Mueller-Soppart | Making Unmistakable Brands Manifest

Sebastian Mueller-Soppart

Joining us today is Sebastian Mueller-Soppart, EVP and Executive Creative Director with Manifest.

Manifest makes brands unmistakable to the core of their audiences. They specialize in content creation that garners interest and fuels loyalty, on platforms that deliver distinct experiences with precisely-measured value.

Sebastian is motivated by the power of good ideas. He’s held creative leadership positions in Europe, Latin and North America, where he’s built highly collaborative, multi-disciplinary environments. Pushing creative teams beyond mediocrity is his most significant expertise.

In this episode:
– How did Sebastian create Manifest? The story behind the name.
– Sebastian has a voracious entrepreneurial drive. What fuels that hunger? What satisfies it?
– How does he approach brand building? What makes a brand unmistakable? Inspiring?
– What makes an idea great and worth exploring or investing in? How is success measured?
– What is the value of highly collaborative, multi-disciplinary environments? How does Sebastian create them?
– What does it mean to be “channel-agnostic”?
– How should we measure value?
– What are common branding challenges? How does Sebastian help them overcome?
– The role of content and the most effective kind of content for building a remarkable brand.
– Which platforms create the best experiences?
– Sebastian is coaching and cultivating leadership. What are the core competencies every leader in training should know?
– What to do when you reach idea drought or overload/drain.

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Episode 7.5 — Sebastian Mueller-Soppart | Making Unmistakable Brands Manifest
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