Episode 5.11—The Best and Largest Digital Marketing Conference in the Midwest

With us on the show today is Dr. Perry Drake. He founded the Midwest Digital Marketing Conference, which is named by Forbes as one of the top marketing conference to check out in 2018. He is currently the Assistant Professor of Digital and Social Media Marketing in the College of Business Administration at the University Of Missouri – St. Louis. He is responsible for the creation and instruction of the digital and social media marketing courses and programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels in addition to noncredit curriculums and certifications. He also serves as the faculty advisor to the UMSL Marketing Advisor Board and the UMSL Marketing Club. He also teaches in the UMSL International MBA program located in Germany and Finland.

According to a survey of 4,000 marketers by Econsultancy, the top two digital trends in 2020 are going to be focused on customer experience (24%) and personalization (23%). This reflects a shift from the previous one-to-many marketing strategy to more of a one-to-one, data-driven approach. Even the industries that once failed to keep pace are starting to utilize the made-to-order benefits that digital marketing provides with securing customers in unpredictable times.

In this episode:
– What marketing really means from the vantage of Perry who teaches marketing internationally and exhaustively.
– How marketing differs from university to the world.
– What entrepreneurs need to understand and embrace.
– Where are business owners least effective with marketing. Most effective…Seeking direction…
– How Perry establishes and connects them all.
– How the Midwest Digital Marketing Conference “followed him home” to St. Louis from New York.
– How does Dr. Drake think outside of the box.
– How an entrepreneur should find and use marketing data.
– How does UMSL create pathways for success for its students.
– What we can learn from thought and industry leaders attending the conference.
– Event details and line-up of the Midwest Digital Marketing Conference.

Learn more: www.umsl.edu

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Episode 5.11—The Best and Largest Digital Marketing Conference in the Midwest
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